9 Ways to Spice Up Your Walking Routine


There’s a reason many doctors recommend walking for exercise. Not only is it extremely beneficial for your health, but it’s an exercise that most people can do. If you’re an avid walker like me, then you know walking the same route and listening to the same songs eventually gets boring. Don’t worry though… walking is our thing and we got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll outline 9 ways to spice up your walking routine.

Let’s Get MUVin’!

Exercise Focused Walking


Need some help defining an interval walking plan? Try this 30-minute routine

If resistance bands are more your thing, then check out this video from Fitness With Cindy!

Sport Walking


According to the American Nordic Walking Association, Nordic pole walking uses 90% of muscles versus 40% walking or running.

Social Walking


In a study by Standford University, researchers found that walking boosts creative output, on average, by 60%. No wonder a lot of successful entrepreneurs have walking meetings. The next time you and someone else have a creative project to tackle, give it some legs and go on a walk. It may be just what you need!

Meditative Walking


Stressful day? Take a deep breath or quite a few. Strip away the stress of the day and be completely present on your next walk. The techniques used in static meditation can be applied while on a walk. Leave the house stressed, and return refreshed! My kind of walk.


Seated Walking


Of course, we had to add the miniTREAD® to the list. The miniTREAD is the evolution of the treadmill to walk while seated. Take 10 seconds and think about all the things you do while sitting. Now imagine a miniTREAD at your feet keeping you healthy, strong, focused and feeling good. No more choosing between exercise and the season premiere of your favorite show. Do it at the same time!

Walk This Way

Now that you have 9 different ways to spice up your walking routine, what are you waiting for? Any way you choose to walk is doing great things for your health. Get out there and get MUVin’ or walk while seated with miniTREAD®.

2 thoughts on “9 Ways to Spice Up Your Walking Routine

  1. Eliza Ballard says:

    Wow! My always skeptical male friend was utterly surprised (his word!) at the workout this mini tread gave him. He’s a tough guy, but needs to walk daily for circulation. Doctor’s orders! Walking is not always easy in the rain, the heat, or in traffic. What a great way to get in really effective movement at any time, in any room, in your own home! Love it!

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