Inspiring You To Get Healthier… While Seated!

The Onthemuv® miniTREAD® is the evolution of the treadmill to be used from a seated position Co-founders Joanna Medin and Patrick Netter spent years developing the unique and patented miniTREAD. Intentionally engineered to be low to no impact with a small footprint. It incorporates two very natural positions — sitting and walking. The miniTREAD is designed for ease of use and reliability within the older adult, mobility limited and work from home populations and provides virtually the same cardio and muscular benefits as walking on a treadmill at the gym… without leaving the house.

As we age, we lose muscle mass, and this typically results in a loss of strength. Sitting as many hours daily as most of us do can result in a decrease in blood circulation, which is also proven to affect memory, focus and cognitive skills. Joanna and Patrick both watched the decline of their parents and know that if the miniTREAD had been available at that time, it could have had life changing results. We are passionate about providing a safe and effective product to help millions improve their health and keep moving…while seated.

Joanna Medin, CEO & Co-Founder


Joanna Medin has decades of executive experience in consumer products launching highly successful new product lines at Fortune 500 companies and startups in New York and Silicon Valley.

Hillary Sinclair

Marketing Maven

Hillary New Sinclair joins OntheMuv as its Chief Marketing Officer. With a passion to leverage technology to make the world a better place, Hillary creates scalable multi-marketing strategies that drive revenue, engage users and accelerate company growth.  Prior to joining Onthemuv, Hillary was Executive Director of Founders Network, a successful entrepreneur and marketing consultant. She has developed B2C marketing solutions for F500 companies including Avon, Yahoo!, eBay, Kraft Foods, Charles Schwab, DirecTV and Visa.  Hillary is on the Steering Committee for Changing Tides and was a 2018 Finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year with the Women in IT Awards.

Patrick Netter, Co-Founder & Inventor


Patrick Netter, aka the Gear Guru®, has virtually seen it all. He is known nationally as fitness equipment expert and credited for helping make the elliptical trainers a worldwide multi-billion-dollar sales category.

Jay Iziah

Social Media Guru

Jay Iziah joins Onthemuv as its Social Media Content Marketer. With a passion for content creation, social media strategy, and branding, Jay develops content marketing strategies that build brand awareness, promote engagement, and drives customers down the sales funnel.Jay is a successful social media content creator with over 500k followers with viral videos amassing over 1 million views. He has worked closely with brands like KORRES, TTD Eye, Ulta, Fresh Beauty, and others for product marketing and affiliate sales. He has also helped develop new products for Google and Hero Cosmetics. Jay won a live streaming competition for (now TikTok) and hosted a live stream game night with over 100k viewers and came in 2nd place for a social media comedy competition sponsored by The Real Talk show.

Nick Martin

Customer Success Sensei

Nick Martin is the Customer Success Director at Onthemuv. Nick is a multifaceted individual who resides in the heart of the Midwest, Kansas City Missouri. Nick has been working in digital business for the majority of his career. He had a quick start with his start at an inbound/outbound call center, Corporate Technologies Advantage. Nick is also proficient in social media marketing/influencer marketing. When Nick is off the clock you can find him entertaining the masses with his Drag persona, Nikki Fuego. Full of spice and loaded dice! Spending years as a consumer Nick has taken his knowledge to the next level and has established a state-of-the-art customer support infrastructure that puts the customer’s needs first.

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