The Pitch That Secured the Win! #2MinuteDrill


Onthemuv is proud to announce our win on David Meltzer’s 2 Minute Drill! If you haven’t seen the show or watched our episode, check out this post. Onthemuv is passionate about the miniTREAD® and its ability to help millions of people from all walks of life. Our fearless CEO, Joanna Medin, had 2 minutes to deliver Onthemuv’s business pitch for the miniTREAD® and Joanna did not waste a second. Check out the pitch that secured us the win below!

The Winning Pitch

“I have one word… POTENTIAL! I think this is more than a niche product… Whether you’re young or old, we want to keep moving and that movement is so important for flexibility, balance, etc., so that we don’t have to worry about falling when we get older because we’ve been moving in our 50s, 40s, and 30s.” 

– David Meltzer, 2 Minute Drill

What did you think of the pitch?

Special Thanks to David Meltzer’s 2 Minute Drill


Onthemuv wants to give a big special thanks to David Meltzer, Rory Cutaia, and the 2 Minute Drill team for giving us the opportunity to pitch and share the miniTREAD® with the world.

The entire Onthemuv team loves the evergreen content that David Meltzer posts. The nuggets of knowledge & insight he shares with the world add so much value to our personal and professional lives. We think you would enjoy his posts as well.

Be sure to check out his content and let him know Onthemuv sent you!

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