The secret of getting ahead is getting started. 2022 is the perfect opportunity to walk while seated for a healthier YOU. Get stronger and crush your fitness goals while working, reading or any seated activity with the motorized miniTREAD®.

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"miniTREAD® offers a low-impact way to add more steps to your day"

Bella Magazine

"Small enough to fit under your home desk, or in front of the couch (we know—Netflix!)"


"This is something you can share with family, get for older relatives, get for yourself working at home."

The First-Ever Motorized Treadmill Used While Seated

Lower Body
Boost Circulation Mood/Focus
Portable Under 24lbs
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Customers are using miniTREAD while doing any other activity.


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  • Walk with confidence. Each miniTREAD® order comes with protection against manufacturing defects.

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miniTREAD sits where you do. Any chair, couch or stool.

The freedom to choose so your comfort always comes first. Unlike other treads, the miniTREAD sits where you do. Any chair, couch or stool.


Customers are using miniTREAD while doing any seated activity

Walk safely while doing any seated activity. Natural walking motion with low to no impact on your knees, ankles, hips and back.


Group of happy people

Movement Unleashes Vitality! Enjoy all the benefits of a healthier lifestyle one step at a time, Thrive at any age or stage in your life.

  • 12 SPEEDS

    With speeds from .3 mph to 2.5 mph, there is a speed to fit your needs.


    The mniTREAD® engages your core, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and glutes

  • 14 DEGREES

    8° or 14° incline option for comfort or challenge. Walking uphill while seated is an experience like no other.

  • 24 Pounds

    Compact and lightweight unlocks the ability to walk while seated and burn calories from any room, any time.


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A woman using miniTREAD while sitting on a sofa
A man using miniTRAED while reading


Living Room
Any Room


Older Adults

Let’s face it. As we age, our muscle mass decreases, our energy levels decrease. We become more concerned about our balance yet we know how important it is to keep moving (or in our case MUVing). The miniTREAD was designed for safety, ease of use and convenience. MUV: Movement Unleashes Vitality.

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Work School

Need something to jumpstart your energy in the morning? Falling asleep after lunch? When we sit for hours on end, our circulation slows and our energy lags. The miniTREAD helps to boost your circulation by engaging your muscles as you walk while seated. You control speed and incline, so it can be used while you Zoom or you’re on a call.

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Accessible Solutions

Our miniTREAD was designed to be accessible with Textured buttons, Recessed handles, a Wired Remote, Safety Switches and Emergency Stops on both the Remote and the miniTREAD. Using the miniTREAD while safely seated minimizes the fear of falling and balance concerns. Its Compact size makes it easy to fit in any apartment or home.

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At Home Fitness Studio

miniTREAD classes and workouts coming soon!

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Join Onthemuv and the Retired NFL Players Congress as we miniTREAD for charity!



  • MarketWatch

  • abc

  • CBS

  • NBC

  • U.S. News

  • Bloomberg

Good Day Sacramento

2x Emmy Award winning journalist, Dina Kupfer, working on her ski legs while covering the national news on CBS Sacramento.

Monica’s Motivational Moments

NBC’s 5 on your side journalist and senior fitness trainer, Monica Adams, reviewing the miniTREAD®.

Good Morning Arizona

2018 News Anchor of Year, Jaime Cerreta (CBS5), feeling the musclee engagement burn after on 5 minutes on the miniTREAD®.


People are using miniTREAD® while performing different tasks
Daily Mom

"This is a revolutionary fitness tool that invites people to enjoy exercise who may have been excluded from working out, whether it was due to their physical differences or schedules that don’t permit regular exercise."

Online Publication
California Council of the Blind

We think it's just an amazing way to exercise for folks who may have difficulty getting out to gyms or may have difficulty using the equipment when you get to the gym. It's been a godsend for a lot of us.

California Council of the Blind

I do long bike rides, about 40-50 miles at a time. I use this on off days for cross-training. It’s working different muscles than I use for riding a bike. It’s good and keeps everything moving and in shape.”

Kathie M.


Maximize Activity

Burn 100s of calories while working, watching a show, or any seated activity

Manage Stress

miniTREADing feels like meditation in motion. Reduce stress and fatigue, boost mood and focus

Healthy Heart

Studies show, 30 minutes of walking per day reduces your risk for heart disease

Speed & Incline

Slow starting speed of .3mph to a fast walk of 2.5mph, plus an incline feature

Safely Seated

Exercise independently without fear of losing balance/falling with low to no impact on the joints.

Durable & Compact

Top fitness manufacturers built this small, yet powerful machine. Take all your steps with confidence

15 minutes on the miniTREAD® gives an energy boost similiar to your morning cup of coffee!

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