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  • Burn hundreds of calories while working or watching a show
  • Makes multitasking while meeting daily fitness goals a breeze  
  • MUV® at your own pace – you are in control of the speed and intensity with the handheld remote 
  • Wake Up: 15 minutes on the miniTREAD® feels like your morning cup of coffee 
  • Healthy heart – need we say more?  
  • Reduce stress and fatigue… Yes, please!  
  • Highly Effective, Low Impact: Your joints are screaming… with joy  
  • The affordable, portable fitness solution  
  • Fits seamlessly into your life: Think of all the ways to MUV® with miniTREAD®

“Walking boosts immune function, counteracts the effects of weight-promoting genes, reduces the risk of cancer, and more.”
– Harvard Medical School

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The compact miniTREAD® doesn’t take up a lot of space – at just 20″ x 20″ it stores underneath a table or desk easily. And, at under 24 lbs, you can conveniently move it from room to room. No more equipment to clutter up your home.

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The low-impact exercise of the miniTREAD® is gentle on the knees, hips, and back. Because you’re seated, it’s safer for those with balance issues or limited mobility.

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Safety in MUVing

Maximize your daily activity and workout while reading, watching TV, or eating breakfast. The miniTREAD® is perfect in most work environments. You’ll be able to exercise while on a video conference or completing other work. Increased circulation through movement and exercise has been shown to boost mood, focus, and productivity.

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Workout from home


What the miniTREAD® Can Do For You

Lightweight, small and sturdy. Easily stored high-qualify equipment.
Strengthen your quads, hamstrings, calves, and core - while sitting.
Adjustable Incline, So You Have Full Control Over Your Workout.
Remote control for motorized, fluid, and smooth operation. Joint-friendly and low-to-no impact.

The miniTREAD®  is the re-imagined evolution of the treadmill used while seated. Designed and engineered for all ages and fitness levels for easy and comfortable walking while seated. Burn calories and get cardio, core and lower body exercise while you work or watch TV. Walking while seated feels natural and comfortable!

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Clinical Research from Dr. Thomas W. Allen

Former Dean of Oklahoma State University Medical School

More Reasons to Love the miniTREAD®

Save $50 and Get a Fresh Start for 2021!

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