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Injury Recovery
can be hard.
Let Us Make it Easier.

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Introducing Sitmill®

Accelerate Your Healing, Boost Mobility, and Build Strength... All While Safely Seated

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 Safe & Effective, Seated Movement

Gentle, impactful movements support lower limb recovery without pedals or straps, to reduce strain and joint stress.

Customizable Pace, Tailored Rehabilitation

You control the intensity with self-powered movement, building strength and endurance to reduce fall risk. The outcome —a smoother transition back to your daily routine.

Compact Design, Easy Integration

At just 12 pounds, the Sitmill fits into any sitting space, including between the legs of a wheelchair, providing a easy way to rebuild strength, stability, and confidence.

Engage Core, Enhance Stability

Bi-directional movement fosters improved stability and creates a mind-body connection, engaging a diverse range of muscle groups in the recovery process.

Shaping the Future
of Recovery

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Enhance customized recovery plans and ensure a smooth transition from pre/post-surgery to physical strength and mobility.

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Rehabilitation /
PT Facilities

Incorporating the Sitmill into a rehabilitation toolkit is beneficial for achieving optimal outcomes in the prehabilitation or recovery phase. It offers seated, controlled movement for effective lower limb rehab.

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Individuals on the
Path to Recovery

The Sitmill can provide a safe, effective, and convenient way to regain independence. Empower your patients to take control of their healing journey.

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How it Works

Simplicity meets comfort and effectiveness 

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Sit Comfortably

in your favorite, sturdy seat

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Walk Naturally

forwards or backwards

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Each Step

builds strength, boosts circulation

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Add Weights

or resistance bands when ready

Sitmill walking did NOT aggravate my touchy right knee nor my touchy hips!

For me, it's a wonderful option - easy to use, small and portable, friendly to my joints, and effective for moving and energizing while I sit and do the other things I need to get done.

Cinda V., Age 62

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Sitmill in Action

Video testyimonial fro CEO of, Joanna Medin

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Create a dynamic synergy between low-impact exercise and a diet rich in joint-friendly foods to nurture and ensure the functionality of joints for years to come.

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How Sitmill Makes Injury Recovery Effortless

Your power, your pace. Learn how the Sitmill transforms recovery by combining controlled movement with optimal support for a smoother rehabilitation journey. Discover how this innovative device empowers individuals to regain strength and mobility, all while seated.

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“Sitmill Got Me Through My Knee Replacement”

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Recovering mobility and strength can be a challenge for many individuals...

Not Anymore
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The Sitmill is an innovative seated exercise device designed for controlled, lower limb movement. It allows users to engage in bi-directional walking while seated, making it an ideal tool for rehabilitation, prehabilitation. The Sitmill engages the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and core to support gaining strength in the lower limbs.