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miniTREAD Set-up Instructions!


Receive miniTREAD®

Use the built in handle to easily and safely transport your miniTREAD to its new home!

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Un-pack Your miniTREAD®

Your miniTREAD can be safely removed from either the top or the bottom of the package. Inside you will find your miniTREAD, its Power Cord, and the Remote Console, and its Connection Cord!

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Plug your miniTREAD power cord into the back of your miniTREAD and directly into a wall outlet. Do not use an extension cord! Plug your Remote Console cord into your Remote and into the left side of your miniTREAD.

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miniTREAD Tips

Emergency Stop

There is a red toggle button on the miniTREAD that can be tapped with your foot to immediately stop the motor, remote console, and belt. Press the red toggle button again to begin using the device. ​

Remote Control Console


Use the Green Button on the top left with the circle ‘O’ for ON to start your miniTREAD. Press the button once for turning on the console and a second time to start the miniTREAD

Stop or Pause

Use the Red Button on the top right with the ‘X’ for OFF to stop or pause your miniTREAD. Press the button once for slowly powering down or twice for an immediate stop. 


Use the Blue #n button on the bottom left to toggle between Time and Distance.


Use the center blue up and down triangular buttons to increase or decrease speeds.


Use the Blue * button on the bottom right to toggle between Steps and Calories.

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