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Does the miniTREAD Work? Short Answer: Yes, that's SWEAT.

When you first see the miniTREAD® a few thoughts go through your mind; "Wow, that's cool!", "I can use this at my desk.", "Can this replace the gym?", and most importantly... "DOES IT WORK?." Whenever something new comes out, naturally, we're skeptical. I am not going to lie to you and say I wasn't skeptical at first because I was. It wasn't until I used the miniTREAD® for the first time where I really saw the potential of this seated treadmill.

My background is in education, teaching children with Autism and other related disorders. A safe exercise alternative for the students I worked with was always a topic of discussion because some of them had mobility and balance issues or would get overwhelmed in crowds. Imagine them in a gym. My brain exploded with the possibilities of who this could help: the blind, people recovering from injuries, those with anxiety, older adults prone to falls, or people like me who need a consistent workout routine to be successful. So, does the miniTREAD work? The short answer, Yes, that's sweat.

Recovering after 2.5mph on the miniTREAD®

How the miniTREAD Became My #MorningRoutine

 I went to the gym every day before Covid & I hate the snow

I had a gym membership and was doing well until Covid-19 disrupted my routine. So, I started walking outside as an alternative... until winter came. My body is not used to the cold after living in Florida and Arizona for 8 years. I currently live in Maryland and not enjoying the snow. I used to do the Insanity workouts by Shawn T. when I was younger and thought, "why not fire up those videos again." Big mistake. Although it's a highly effective workout, my knees beg to differ. That's why I loved going to the gym. I can walk on a treadmill, increase the incline, blast my music, sweat, and not have to ice my knees afterward. I thought about buying a treadmill for my house, but I don't have space for it and really couldn't afford to drop over $1000 for all the features I needed. Therefore, eliminating a standing treadmill as an option.

Now, I've been using the miniTREAD® during work to keep my legs moving but hadn't yet used it for an actual gym workout until the 1st of February. Let me just say, if you want to sweat, you can achieve this on the miniTREAD... WHILE SEATED! I created an Instagram account called @myminitread to document my experience and show how the miniTREAD fits into my life. I am loving it so far and creating miniTREAD® workouts that get me sweating. Check out my miniTREAD® #MorningRoutine below!

My miniTREAD® #MorningRoutine

The goal is to sweat. Therefore, we have to get MUVin'. The speeds in this workout are not good for work unless you're watching a presentation and don't mind people seeing you sweat over Zoom®. Safety first — always make sure to check with your physician before starting a new exercise routine. Here's how I worked up a sweat:

  • Warm-up & Stretches

I started with a warm-up to get my blood pumping and slightly elevate my heart rate. I set my miniTREAD® to 1.1 mph and walked for 10 minutes while doing some seated stretches from our previous blog. This relieved the tension in my neck, back, shoulders, and opened up my chest while warming up my legs.

  • Get MUVin' + Video Games

 My guilty pleasure is playing a 3rd person shooter game called Fortnite. I play on mobile using an Xbox controller with a pretty cool phone mount. Why not play Fortnite while miniTREADing? In behavioral psychology, there's a term called the Premack Principle. It's a theory of reinforcement that states that a less desired behavior can be reinforced by the opportunity to engage in a more desired behavior. It motivated me to commit to an hour by doing something I enjoy — gaming — with something that's not as desirable — exercise. So, that's exactly what I did. I bumped up the speed to 1.5mph, started up my game, and went on a fitness journey. It took me about  5-10 minutes of moving at this speed and playing Fortnite before I got into a good groove. I imagined my walking on the miniTREAD® was moving my character in-game. Next thing you know, three games and 45 minutes had gone by and sweat was dripping down my face.

  • Energy Levels Through the Roof 

Exercise has been found to help with mental health and boost your mood. As someone who struggles with mental health, my mood is always all over the place. I felt amazing after moving for 45 minutes at 1.5mph. With 5 minutes left, I challenged myself. I put on some upbeat electronic music and turned up the speed on the miniTREAD® to 2.5mph for the last 5 minutes of my workout. This is a feeling like nothing else I've ever experienced. It felt like I was floating getting lost in the music. I could feel the burn in my legs and when I put my hand on my thighs I could feel the muscles contracting. It was insanely fun and my knees are happy — no pain, no ice!


A Healthier Lifestyle Achieved

I simply love my miniTREAD®. It grew on me and now has a permanent spot in my daily routine. I wake up very early on most days from old gym habits. I typically lay in bed for an hour and scroll through social media, catch up on the news or podcasts, or complain that I can't fall back asleep. Now, I pull the miniTREAD® out from under my bed, sit in my chair, and workout while still complaining that I can't fall back asleep while scrolling through social media and listening to my podcasts in the background. The miniTREAD fits perfectly into my life and I'm thankful for Onthemuv for creating my personal trainer and mental health mood advocate.

if you would like to follow my miniTREAD® health and fitness journey, follow me on Instagram @myminiTREAD. If you have questions, drop a comment or send me a message and I'll be glad to answer. Movement Unleashes Your Vitality!

About to deploy from the Fortnite Battle Bus while walking on the miniTREAD®

-  Jay Iziah

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