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Our Teams Favorite Holiday Recipes!

Oh, how we love the holidays! Spending time with loved ones, watching the leaves change color, and those unbearable cold days that we celebrate with steamy cups of hot chocolate. Even though our team tends to be Onthemuv — even while seated — we sure make time for the holiday treats! Here are some of our team's favorite holiday recipes and what they mean to them.

Cheese Pecan Cocktail Biscuits

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This simple holiday recipe was a family tradition when I was younger. My grandma would wake up early in the morning, pull out a mixing bowl, add flour, grate some sharp cheddar, and moments later there would be a cheesy dough sitting on the table. Smash a pecan on top of a quarter-sized dough ball and throw them in the oven! The one little pecan on top really ties all the flavors together. I recall waking up on Christmas day to the aroma of these tasty treats and running into the kitchen nose-first. This surely isn't a main dish for the holidays, but it fills up a permanent spot in my heart. - Jay Iziah

Recipe: Cheese Pecan Cocktail Biscuits 

Dianne's Amazing Butter Toffee

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Honestly, who can resist? Chocolate + almonds and buttery sugar. The perfect crunch and chew and melt. Toffee hits all my flavor and texture buttons... Mmmmmmm! - Hillary Sinclair

Recipe: Dianne's Amazing Butter Toffee

Homemade Lasagna 

Growing up my mother made home-made lasagna for Christmas. I did not know that Lasagna was not a traditional holiday dish until I was an adult and started celebrating Christmas with other families and friends. I started to question my mom, "Mom why are we the only ones that make Lasagna for Christmas?" She told me that there isn't much love that goes into a turkey or a ham. She explained, "Lasagna is intricate. You don't just unpack it and throw it in the oven. You must make the noodles, sauce, and meat all from scratch. Each layer is a story filled with love and memories. Some layers are thicker than others. Some layers are more flavorful than others. You must take time to appreciate the layers in life." - Nick Martin
Recipe: Lasagna

Eat a Bit Less

Patrick's Holiday Fitness Tip

If losing some weight would lead to gaining you some health, here's my favorite tip.  Eat whatever you want... but eat 10-20% less than you normally would.  So, put 10-20% less on your plate.  And even consider doing the same when the holidays are over. - Patrick "The Gear Guru" Netter, miniTREAD Inventor

Enjoy a Lot More!

With all the different delicious holiday foods, no wonder Americans gain on average 5 lbs. between Thanksgiving and New Years'. That's probably why losing a few pounds for a New Year resolution is so popular. This year after a full day of eating, I'll be burning off some of those calories while I watch Christmas movies on my couch. I mean... who's going to the gym on Christmas? I'll just turn my chair into one!

Whether you're devouring every calorie or getting fit while you sit, enjoy this holiday season with family and friends.

Stay positive and test negative... Happy Holidays from Onthemuv!

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