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The Perfect Gift for ANYONE who Sits!

Tis the season to get fit while you sit! The miniTREAD® is making some MUVment — pun intended — and it's only right that it takes a permanent spot on your gift list this year. The miniTREAD® is the perfect gift for anyone who sits. Surprise your spouse, parents, grandparents, caregivers, friends, and more with the gift of MUVment!

The miniTREAD® is only used while seated and is 91% as effective as walking on a traditional treadmill. We call this sitting with benefits — like friends with benefits, but no one gets hurt in the end. I know Santa... naughty list. Because you're seated it makes exercise safe, low-stress on the joints, and enables you to be productive while active... prod-ACTIVE.

We love the miniTREAD® and we know you will too! Check out these awesome gift guides that understand the power of gifting a miniTREAD® to a loved one this holiday season!

Here's What People Are Saying

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Time Magazine 

"If remote work is keeping you too busy to leave your desk, this mini-treadmill can fit under your work space to help you burn a few calories without logging off. It also offers a low-impact way to add more steps to your day and burn a few calories while binge-watching holiday movies."

Bella Magazine

"We've spent so much time sitting this past year, it's high time we kept it moving - even while seated. It's possible with the Onthemuv miniTREAD. Small enough to fit under your desk, or in front of the couch (we know —Netflix!), this motorized device can help improve circulation, strength, and cardio fitness. And even though the motorized miniTREAD is compact — it's 80% smaller than the size of a typical treadmill — it works some of the key muscle groups, including your calves, hamstrings, quads, and core."

Happy Healthy Caregiver

"I’m intrigued! Walking while seated! This could be the perfect gift for you or your family members to exercise safely and independently."

Daily Mom

"miniTREAD® is a revolutionary fitness tool that invites people to enjoy exercise who may have been excluded from working out, whether it was due to their physical differences or schedules that don’t permit regular exercise. This treadmill allows the user to talk a walk while they are comfortably seated. This holiday season, give the gift of portable health and wellness with miniTREAD®."


"In terms of usage, I love that it has the handheld gauge that can be used to scale the speed up and down. Functionally, the device is really just simply brilliant. I’m all about what’s simple and does its job. It’s not overthought, it’s well designed and it’s the kind of device you will actually use. What’s great about this is you know it’s going to work, it’s built strong and it doesn’t get in the way."

Gimme Reviews

"We love it! We tried out the’s miniTREAD under desk treadmill. My initial thought was, “wow, that’s smart!” While you’re sitting at home, you could be on a treadmill. I need something that gets me moving like that, because I sit all day long! Okay, it may seem taboo to buy someone a treadmill for Christmas. But, is it really? I can’t think of a better way to say, “I want to help you be healthier and feel great, because I love you!”

The Review Wire

"It’s a better way to burn calories and measure results… all while seated. It feels natural and is low to no impact, so easy on the joints. Designed and engineered for all ages and fitness levels."

The Perfect Gift to MUV While Seated

The holidays are right around the corner and the perfect gift is the one that fits where they sit. Give the gift of MUVment to someone special this holiday season and save $100 + Free Shipping on your miniTREAD® order!

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