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Tune In for David Meltzer's 2 Minute Drill

Watch Us Friday, March 12, 2021 at 8:30 pm EST/PST for a Special Onthemuv Presentation

So excited to announce that we will be pitching on 2 Minute Drill, a new pitch show, on Bloomberg TV and Prime Video hosted by David Meltzer!

2 Minute Drill

Four contestants will have 2 minutes to pitch their company and/or product. After the pitch, each person will receive 3 minutes of feedback from David Meltzer and guest judges. If you've seen any of the previous episodes then you know 2 minutes can either fly by or feel like an hour. The contestants have to solely rely on their delivery and personality to get the message across. Contestants are not allowed to use PowerPoint presentations, recordings, or flip charts! The judges do not hold back either. Their goal is to help you become a better entrepreneur and shape the perfect pitch.


"This show is going to revolutionize the way people pitch themselves, and their businesses, and we are empowering entrepreneurs to get their message across more effectively."


The winner of each episode receives $50k in cash and prizes from participating sponsors and brand partnerships! The other participating contestants receive consolation prizes.

Mark Your Calendars!

Watch our episode on March 12th at 8:30est/pst & 7:30cst on Bloomberg TV and streaming on Amazon Prime Video! Tweet during the episode and tag @Onthemuv1 #miniTREAD #2minutedrill

Watch on Bloomberg TV

Watch on Amazon Prime Video

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