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The miniTREAD® Is THE Perfect Holiday Gift

woman smiling holding carrying a miniTREAD from the christmas tree to a the couch where a black man is sitting looking at the miniTREAD remote with the miniTREAD under his feet in front of the couch.
The miniTREAD® is by far the perfect gift this year. No matter the persons age, hobbies, lifestyle, or level of ability — a miniTREAD is beneficial for everyone. Right now you might be asking, well how does it fit into everybody's life? The simple answer is convenience and ease of use while still providing muscle engagement and calorie burn at any of the 12 speeds. One of the biggest perks of the miniTREAD is how convenient it is and how easy it is to multitask with it. I'm going to break down just how easy, convenient, and useful it is to all different walks of life — pun intended! 

Young Adults 

To my fellow young adults, I use my miniTREAD almost every single day. Anytime I do homework or study at home, I was walking on my miniTREAD. I would feel so stiff and drained after sitting at my desk for hours studying, but once I started walking while seated, the stiffness lessened and I felt more alert. I felt like I had just worked out my body and mind all at once. 

Since I have graduated, I have started using my miniTREAD in other ways, such as, catching up on emails or even watching Netflix. I've had a lot of my friends share with me that they love to use their miniTREAD as part of their morning routine to help them feel more awake and energized throughout the day. Honestly, the possibilities are endless with how you can use your miniTREAD. 

Older Adults 

Not only is the miniTREAD useful to young adults — it can have serious benefits for older adults as well. In our latest blog about the Ain't Too Old To MUV® Walkathon, we talked a lot about how older adults struggle to get any activity outside of their daily routine. With the miniTREAD, the older adults in your life will have a simple and easy way to get extra MUVMENT throughout the day. Without having to leave their own living space, they could beat the staggering statistics and step into a healthier more fulfilling life. The miniTREAD is perfect for boosting circulation — which will make your doctors happy — and is low to no impact on the knees, hips, back and ankles. 

9 to 5 Desk Jobs 

For those of you that work a 9:00 to 5:00, I applaud you. Sitting at a desk all day can take a huge toll on your body. Being hunched over and not being able to get up all day and move around makes it hard for someone to stay active. This is where the miniTREAD can really make a huge difference in your life. The miniTREAD allows you to still be seated comfortably at your desk while walking, maintaining focus and burning calories at the same time. Helping you stay active during those times you usually wouldn't be. miniTREADing at work is like getting paid to exercise... Now that's working smarter! 

Accessible Solutions 

The miniTREAD has been making headlines in the low vision/blind community for its inclusivity, approachability and accessible design. Our partners at the California Council of the Blind love the miniTREAD and only have good things to share.

"We think it's just an amazing way to exercise for folks who may have difficulty getting out to gyms or may have difficulty using the equipment when you get to the gym. It's been a godsend for a lot of us." - California Council of the Blind

Very rarely is there exercise equipment on the market that is safe, effective, and portable. The miniTREAD was designed to be accessible with Textured buttons, Recessed handles, a Wired Remote, Safety Switches and Emergency Stops on both the Remote and the miniTREAD. Using the miniTREAD while safely seated minimizes the fear of falling and balance concerns. Its Compact size makes it easy to fit in any apartment or home.

What's even better — this can be used in the comfort of your home eliminating the need for gym memberships and figuring out the logistics of getting there. 

Convenience is Key

Here at Onthemuv® we try our best to be inclusive to every lifestyle, ability level, and age. Our goal is to create a world where fitness is approachable and delivered in a way that is effective and you'll actually do it. The design and convenience of the miniTREAD allows us to provide a fitness solution for virtually everyone. Whether someone is a college student or retired, the miniTREAD can have a purpose in your life. If you already have a miniTREAD leave a comment down below to tell us how the miniTREAD has helped you stay active. If you want a miniTREAD, let us know how you would use yours! We love to hear from all of you.

Happy Holiday's from Onthemuv! 

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