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You Should Take A Walk Everyday and Here's Why (Video)

It's no surprise that we aren't getting as much physical activity with Covid disrupting our routines. Before Covid, we could get our daily walks in just by living our lives. Now, we are couped up in the house, watching tv, on the computer... sitting more and moving less. But, we all should take a 30-minute walk every day and not just to lose the pandemic-15.

We came across this article from Eat This, Not That! and thought we should share.  To read the original post, click here.

You Should Take a Walk Everyday and Here's Why


Dangers of Not Going For a Walk Everyday, Says Science (Source: from Onthemuv on Vimeo.


Start Walking Today

We get it; life gets in the way sometimes and some days exercise isn't your priority, but it should be. We often don't realize the damage we are doing to our bodies until symptoms show up. In this case, it is better to prevent potential health complications, rather than welcome them from inactivity. Plus, there are many other benefits of a daily walk, which include:

  1. Stonger immune system
  2. Improves circulation
  3. Stronger bones
  4. Enjoy a longer life by reducing your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and a stroke
  5. Boosts your mood
  6. Helps manage weight
  7. Stronger muscles
  8. Better sleep
  9. and the list goes on,..


To get the health benefits, try to walk for at least 30 minutes as briskly as you can on most days of the week. ‘Brisk’ means that you can still talk but not sing, and you may be puffing slightly.


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