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Protection by Safeware

Accidents happen and when they do our Safeware plans will ensure you're back up and Muving in no time. In a few steps, you can have peace of mind knowing that if any accidental damage or electrical failures occur then you're covered.

Easy, Quick, and Affordable!

"I had a very positive experience with Safeware. The customer service was great. When my product broke they reimbursed me right away!" -
Lauren G.

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Difference Between Warranty & Protection Plans?

Onthemuv's® warranty covers select issues/defects for a limited time. Safeware's Protection Plans give you peace of mind for your purchase well beyond the limited warranty period. The protection plan coverage includes Parts & Labor, Mechanical & Electrical Failures, Remote Console Defects, Accidental Damage, Drops, Spills, and Power Surges. These Protection Plans are available in 2-Year and 3-Year terms. Protection Plan coverage starts on the day you purchase your Protection Plan.

*Protection plans must be registered to file claims.