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Seated Full Body Guided Workouts

Breakthrough Barriers. Maximize Movement. 

Crafted by Fitness Guru Jennifer Pennington
Elevating Every Move for Maximum Results!

Flexibility and Mobility Guided Workout Thumbnail

Flexibility and

Structure 1 focuses on slow, thoughtful movements geared to increase range of motion, mobility and flexibility.

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Strength and Development Guided Workout Thumbnail

Strength and Development

Structure 2 focuses on seated movements geared to help you develop, strengthen and build muscle volume.

SIIT Guided Workout Thumbnail

SIIT: Seated Intensity Interval Training

Structure 3, builds endurance while working through higher-intensity movements with less rest time and volumizing repetitions.

Rhythm and Sculpt Guided Workout Thumbnail

Sculpting with

Structure 4 incorporates fun dance movements mixed with high-energy exercises to increase Stamina, Sculpt and Condition your body.


Try Sit and Walk Guided Workouts

From gentle stretches to SIIT™ (our version of HIIT) , you’ll improve your endurance, mobility, and build strength with seated workouts on the miniTREAD®. Get your tread today!

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