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Introducing the
13 lb. Self-Powered Sitmill®

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Seated fitness, anytime, anywhere. Boost circulation, tone muscles, and improve balance—all from the comfort of your seat.

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Picture of multiple joyful people sitting and walking on the Self-Powered Sitmill

In a World of Constant Sitting, We Bring Movement to Every Seat...

Introducing The Sitmill, where your life and your fitness meet.

Convenient       Accessible      Effective  


Sitmill's self-propelled design gives you full control over your workout intensity and pace.

Bi-Directional Movement

Dynamic workouts with seamless forward and backward motion, targeting diverse muscle groups for comprehensive strength and recovery.

Lightweight & Portable

Wherever you sit, fitness follows. Weighing only 13 lbs, the Sitmill sits where you do.

Smooth, Fluid Track

Uninterrupted workouts on the remarkably smooth belt, ensuring every stride is comfortable and effective.