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miniTREAD® & CCB
miniTREAD® & CCB
miniTREAD® & CCB
miniTREAD® & CCB
miniTREAD® & CCB
miniTREAD® & CCB
miniTREAD® & CCB
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miniTREAD® & CCB

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The miniTREAD® turns any seated activity into an opportunity to feel your best, get stronger, and live a healthier lifestyle. Its compact size and portability deliver a calorie-torching walking workout that you can do anywhere, anytime. Designed for any ability and fitness level from beginners to seasoned experts. It packs a powerfully quiet motor and unlike walking on the pavement, the exercise is low-to-no-impact. Get Fit While You Sit with your new miniTREAD®.
  • Ships within 48 hours*
  • Setup in minutes, walk for hours
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty on parts
  • 30-day risk free trial
  • Payment plans available

*Please be patient with UPS delivery delays.


The Evolution of the Treadmill to Walk While Seated

miniTREAD device

Easy & Effective

Uniquely designed to be used while safely seated. Easy to set up & use + cardio and muscle engagement. Never stand on your miniTREAD®.


The electric miniTREAD® creates both active and passive exercise. The movement feels natural and non-distracting.

Small & Quiet

No more bulky equipment to clutter your home. 20” x 19”, weighs under 24lbs and quiet enough to work or watch tv without distraction.

Low Impact

Unlike walking on the pavement, the miniTREAD® is low-to-no-impact on the joints. Safely supports users up to 300lbs.

MUV® Your Way To Wellness

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miniTREAD device & Remote
  • Mini payments for your miniTREAD®. Pay over time with easy, fixed payments through Shop Pay, Affirm, or PayPal.

  • Walk with confidence. Each miniTREAD® order comes with protection against manufacturing defects.

  • If you don’t love your miniTREAD®, we’ll gladly take it back for a replacement or refund.

Freedom to MUV®

With the miniTREAD®, you can move your feet without restrictions. Equipment such as bikes, ellipticals and rowers lock your feet in one place with straps or pedals. The miniTREAD is fun and free form! Explore different ways to step with miniTREAD®.

Step by step

Leg Extension


Feet Together

A one click incline button on a miniTREAD device

One Click Incline


Low to No Impact Exercise

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A woman using miniTREAD while seated. The miniTREAD® is low to no impact on the knees, hips, and back
Engage Your Muscles Boost Your Circulation

Engage Your Muscles Boost Your Circulation

Improve Mood
Boost Circulation
Increase Energy
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Track Your Progress


A Speed to Match Your Step


.3 MPH to .7 MPH

Ease your way into an exercise routine. The slow starting speeds are great for limited mobility and prehab/rehab.

.9 MPH to 1.3 MPH

These speeds are great for multitasking. Walk while emailing, writing essays, knitting, gaming, and more. Perfect for Zoom® meetings.

1.5 MPH to 1.9 MPH

Mastered multitasking up to 1.3 mph? These speeds intensify the workout with limited distraction. Try walking while watching a show or movie.

2.1 MPH to 2.5 MPH

These speeds are great for dedicated workouts. Work up a sweat, pair with resistance bands or dumbbells to include/target the upper body.

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Handle With Ease

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An inside view of living room, home office, dinning room , and bedroom.
Talk to a miniTREAD® Expert.
Text or call (310) 873-3133
1 Year Warranty – Peace Of Mind For Your Purchase

A Smart & Safer Way to Exercise

For many, walking may be difficult due to pain levels, discomfort, fear of losing balance and falls. The miniTREAD® incorporates cardio and strength training which can help reduce the risk of falling by strengthening the leg muscles. Safe and effective is the smarter way to exercise. ​

Marv fleming enjoying miniTREAD while sitting on a stool

Safely Seated

The miniTREAD is ONLY used while seated putting safety first. No need to worry about falling or loosing balance because you are sitting comfortably in your favorite chair, stool, or on the couch. ​


Remote Stop

Large color-coded and textured buttons for easy recognition. Press red button once to gradually slow the belt to 0 mph. Press red button twice to stop the belt immediately.

Emergency stop button on a miniTREAD device.

Emergency Stop

There is a red toggle button on the miniTREAD that can be tapped with your foot to immediately stop the motor, remote console and belt. Press the red toggle button again to begin using the device. ​

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Store miniTREAD under a bed, in a closet, or slide it under the couch

Do You Have Space for a miniTREAD®?

Fits almost anywhere
Stores in small spaces
Any Room
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Our Customers Love the miniTREAD®

Judy W.

Judy W.
California, USA

“I use it all the time. I do so much binge-watching Netflix while this thing is in front of my chair in the living room. I don't put it under my desk because my service dog likes to sit there, but I use it listening to music. In fact, I often do my knitting while I'm using this device. You can just lift it up and carry it where you need to go. I don't have a lot of upper body strength and I can carry it. It's great!”

Beverly M.

Beverly M.
Virgina , USA

“I need it and that's for sure. It's the easiest way to get exercise that I know of. The incline feature makes you work harder and you can really feel it all over more. I really need this for my heart and I even feel like it might be working my abs when on the incline. I use my iPhone, check my emails, and read the morning paper. I love being able to do things while I'm doing this. So, it’s a two for one!”

Nick M.

Nick M.
Missouri, USA

“Having a heart attack in 2017 was the scariest and loneliest thing to happen to me that made me focus on my health. Finding something like the miniTREAD that I can use daily has been the key to sustaining my new healthier lifestyle. It has never been easier to move.”

See what others are saying
A customer enjoying miniTREAD while sitting on a sofa.

Just Upgraded My Couch.
Now It Does Cardio.

Talk to a miniTREAD® Expert.
Text or call (310) 873-3133
1 Year Warranty – Peace Of Mind For Your Purchase

miniTREAD® Compared to Other Exercise Equipment

Features of miniTREAD® Compared to Other Exercise Equipment

Motorized miniTREAD® | Model 20-MMT1

Length 18.8" (48cm)
Width 19.8" (50cm)
Height 5.5" (14cm)
Weight 23.6lbs (10.7kg)
Adjustable Inclicne 8" or 14"
Voltage 120W
Max Leg Load Weight On Unit 80lbs (36kg)
Max User Weight Unit Safely Supports 300 lbs (136kg)

Installation Guide

This video will walk you through the simple steps required for installation of your new miniTREAD®. Plug and play!


  • Use while safely seated only. NEVER stand on miniTREAD®
  • One tap Emergency shut off switch on unit
  • Stop button on handheld remote control
MiniTREAD Manual

Installation Manual


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a miniTREAD®?

The miniTREAD® is a way to stay fit while you sit. While seated at your desk, on the couch or at your kitchen table, the miniTREAD® helps to burn calories while you ‘walk’. It weighs about 24 lbs. and is compact, at 19” x 20’.

Why is the miniTREAD® motorized?

The motorized movement helps keep you motivated for continued use. Movement becomes automatic — almost like being on autopilot.

How is the miniTREAD® different from an exercise bike or elliptical?

The miniTREAD® is motorized. Most exercise bikes and ellipticals are not. The motion can best be described as a hybrid of a treadmill and a bike. This allows your calves, hamstrings, quads and core to all be engaged, yet the miniTREAD® is much easier and more comfortable to use.

How long should I use the miniTREAD®? How many days per week?

Even 10 minutes can help you feel more energetic. How long you use it daily depends upon your physical stamina. We recommend starting out slowly and working your way up.

How portable is the miniTREAD®?

The miniTREAD® weighs only about 24 lbs, the equivalent of 3 gallons of milk!

Is the miniTREAD® safe?

Consulting with a medical professional is always recommended before beginning any exercise regime. Because the miniTREAD® is used from a seated position in your own chair, it is considered safe to use by many physicians. You do need to be able to lift your legs to use it. WARNING: NEVER STAND on the miniTREAD® equipment. USE ONLY WHILE SEATED.

What information does the miniTREAD® capture when I use it?

The miniTREAD® remote console will track speed, distance, steps, calories and time.

Can I use it while I'm working or on the phone? Will I feel distracted?

Many people say using the miniTREAD® enhances their focus. Because you’re in a comfortable, seated position and you control the speed, it’s easy to concentrate and stay on task.

What do I do if I lose the remote console?

Replacement units are available on our website: or by contacting

Does the miniTREAD® equipment have batteries?

The miniTREAD® has a power cord that plugs into a standard outlet. The remote control is wired and requires no batteries.

What is your return policy?

The miniTREAD® is available for purchase with a 30-day guarantee including return postage. The credit will appear to your method of payment following receipt of the unit in working order in its original packaging.

What results can I expect? Short term/long term.

Results will vary. Many people say they notice the benefits right away such as more energy, focus and alertness. We’d love to hear your experiences and feedback!

Do I burn calories while using the miniTREAD®?

Absolutely! On average, one burns between 2 and 3 calories per minute, or 120 – 180 per hour,depending upon the speed and incline.

Where is the miniTREAD® Remote Console packed?

You’ll find the remote tucked into a pocket packed securely within the center piece of Styrofoam.

Talk to a miniTREAD® Expert.
Text or call (310) 873-3133
1 Year Warranty – Peace Of Mind For Your Purchase