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The Best Compact Treadmill Style Device for Walking While Seated

Did you know that 40% of our workday is spent sitting? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average workday for most is 8 hours. You are most likely sitting for 3 hours or more a day and that’s just at work. I'll admit, I'm guilty of sinking into the couch watching TV after a long day. A compact treadmill that I can use while sitting on my couch would definitely make me feel better about watching two hour-long episodes of Ratched on Netflix.

On occasion, it's okay to sit and relax, but sitting too much takes its toll on our bodies at any age — lack of movement increases fatigue, brain fog, and decreases circulation — which could lead to a plethora of health issues.

“Habitual inactivity raises risks for obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, deep-vein thrombosis, and metabolic syndrome.”

(Harvard Medical School, The dangers of sitting)

So, what do we do to combat the negative effects of sitting too much when we are required to sit for most of our day? In this post, we’ll be talking about the miniTREAD®, a compact treadmill style device used at your desk, couch, or anywhere you are seated by Onthemuv.

What is the miniTREAD®?

The miniTREAD® reinvented sitting by enabling you to walk while you work at your desk, watch tv on your couch, read at your dining room table, practice a hobby in your sunroom… and the list goes on. If you’re sitting, you can use the miniTREAD® regardless of fitness level.

This mini motorized treadmill style device is lightweight — weighing only 23lbs — which makes it easy to move, store, and is affordable compared to quality treadmills with virtually the same benefits.

Clinical trials show that the miniTREAD® is 91% equivalent to walking on a standing treadmill and does not require a behavior change because you’re already sitting.

It feels natural and comfortable – just like walking which motivates daily use and commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Onthemuv is calling this “subliminal exercise” because after a few minutes the movement becomes automatic.

miniTREAD® Benefits

  • Your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and core are engaged at any speed in a fluid and non-stressful motion
  • You can move your feet with a non-restrictive movement unlike an elliptical or exercise bike that locks your feet into the pedals
  • The motorized unit creates both active and passive exercise
  • May help improve your mental focus

I've noticed that I have some of my best thoughts and ideas while I'm on my daily walks. A study posted in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, found that walking indoors or outdoors, similarly, boosted creativity with the main factor being walking itself.

In fact, Steve Jobs — the late co-founder of Apple — was known for his walking meetings.

  • Lower-body muscles are the largest muscle group and engaging them leads to improved circulation and cardio benefits
  • Low stress on the knee joints
  • Builds positive fitness habits for any fitness level
  • Easy to learn, safe to use, and builds stamina over time

Not only is this great for the work from home crew, but has immense value for the senior population and those living with a disability — making daily fitness more accessible.

I encourage my clients to use the miniTREAD®. lt’s great for stimulating circulation, engaging major muscles and burning calories.  In my opinion, it has real value to both conditioned people and those with low-fitness levels.  It’s light and portable enough for me to take to clients.”

--- Rachel B., Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

miniTREAD® Features

Aside from the benefits, the miniTREAD® has some notable features.

  • Has a "small footprint" and fits easily under a desk or bed
  • Non-skid feature allows use on a non-carpeted floor
  • Speeds from .3mph to 2.5mph
  • Quiet enough for Zoom meetings
  • Incline levels for comfort or challenge
  • Tracks speed, steps, distance, time and calories with the handheld remote

Safety features include:

  • Emergency stop button on unit and remote
  • Automatically stops if you attempt to stand on it

Check out this video!

Burn While You Earn | OTM from Onthemuv on Vimeo.

The Solution is Here: Walk a mile... while seated 

In conclusion, finding a solution to combat the negative effects of sitting too much is essential for your health. Unfortunately, most remote workers don’t have the option to exercise throughout the day. The fitness industry, to date, has few products that integrate seamlessly into the workplace environment, whether at home or office. Quality treadmills are expensive, take up too much space and cannot be easily moved from place to place. 

The miniTREAD® is a viable solution to walk while you work in an innovative way packed with benefits and features to keep you Muving.

We only get one life to live. You have the power to live healthier, meet your daily fitness goals, and make more time for the people and things you love. It just takes you to make the first step, even while seated.

Movement Unleashes Vitality!

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